Front grill and hood of a sports sedan.

Auto Thieves Targeting Audis

April 18, 2017

Recently Robertson Ryan had a client return from vacation to find their Audi Q5 had a window smashed in the General Mitchell International Airport parking garage. It is suspected to be another case of thieves looking for a spare or valet key in the glove compartment, which there was not in this case. Audi’s are being targeted, as certain model years were provided with keys in the glove compartments and many owners were unaware, forgot, or did not think to remove the spare keys.

Beyond Audis, many luxury vehicles are equipped with a single key without a fob that was often provided near the owner’s manual stored in the glovebox. Depending on the make, model or year these keys can be plastic or metal. They are sometimes known as a valet key, which will unlock doors and start the ignition. The valet key does not unlock the trunk or glovebox, so owners can store valuables when they park with a valet service. Extra keys should never be kept inside a locked or unlocked vehicle.

A few other reminders to deter thieves and protect your auto insurance claims history:

  • Do not store your keys on hooks or a table near the door, especially if visible through windows
  • Remove visible loose change or valuables from cup holders or seats
  • Make sure your windows and/or sunroof are closed when you leave the vehicle
  • Park in busy areas or those with good lighting and ideally cameras
  • Do not leave purses, briefcases, shopping bags or other items that may look to be of value in sight
  • When you use a valet service do not give them your house key on the same ring
  • Never leave your vehicle running and unattended