15 Risk Mitigation Tips for Airbnb Hosts

April 9, 2019

Property owners have a unique opportunity to efficiently rent out their entire home, a spare bedroom or other accommodation through the online service known as Airbnb. Despite its convenience and the potential for profit, Airbnb is not without its risks for those who decide to list.

  1. Acquire the proper insurance
  2. Complete a home safety inspection
  3. Screen all guests
  4. Set clear rules
  5. Establish occupancy limits
  6. Add a security deposit
  7. Secure your valuables
  8. Protect sensitive information
  9. Install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
  10. Child-proof your premises
  11. Keep your accommodations maintained
  12. Provide contact information
  13. supply a first-aid kit
  14. Verify compliance with regulations
  15. Notify those who could be impacted by your guests