OSHA’s 2023 Top 10 Violations

November 20, 2023

OSHA’s preliminary data of the top 10 most frequently cited standards in the 2023 fiscal year have been released. Because this information applies to all businesses, we are highlighting their findings to help you identify common areas where risk can affect your workplace.

The top 10 most cited standards in 2023 are as follows:

  1. Fall protection—General requirements: 7,271 violations
  2. Hazard communication: 3,213 violations
  3. Ladders: 2,978 violations
  4. Scaffolding: 2,859 violations
  5. Powered industrial trucks: 2,561 violations
  6. Lockout/tagout: 2,554 violations
  7. Respiratory protection: 2,481 violations
  8. Fall protection—Training requirements: 2,112 violations
  9. Personal protective and life-saving equipment—Eye and face protection: 2,074 violations
  10. Machine guarding: 1,644 violations

While this list doesn’t cover everything that can go wrong in your business, it’s a good reminder that safety is crucial for a productive work environment. That’s why at Robertson Ryan, we have a dedicated Risk Management department. Our team keeps an eye on insurance market changes and regulations. Plus, we have an in-house risk manager who evaluates risks for you. They’ll collaborate with you to enhance your organization’s financial stability and improve your employees’ working conditions. Examples include:

  • Identify your exposures with a thorough audit
  • Design strategies to transfer financial risk
  • Develop programs to reduce or eliminate exposures
  • Implement programs and monitor progress
  • Assure compliance with insurance carriers
  • Formally review your program each year, while assessing it continuously

Darren Cherek and our in-house Risk Services Department can help you work through OSHA violations, and more importantly how to avoid a fine before it even happens.