2020 Growth & Winner’s Circle

Even with the challenges presented in 2020 there was growth and progress to be celebrated at Robertson Ryan. From pivoting the way we work and live, to supporting one another during tremendous change, to strengthening client relationships and building new ones, the RRA team has adapted and grown so much this past year.

Here are some highlights from 2020:

  • – Moved almost the entire firm to remote work flexibility
  • – Entered into the Top 70 of Largest Insurance Brokers in the US
  • – No layoffs or wage cuts for our associates. In fact, we kept a normal raise cycle
  • – Added a significant number of new associates and agent team members
  • – Increased client offerings including new Financial Services/401(k), Trade Credit, Voluntary Benefits
  • – Record client retention and satisfaction

We remain beyond grateful for our team, as we recognize our success is shared and would not be possible without our dedicated associates and Agent Owners. Annually we recognize our leading Agent Owners in our Winner’s Circle (Sales Contest).  Year over year growth is monitored for our Agent Owners who have been with us over a year. The team below is helping grow the firm in a big way – congratulations on being part of our 2020 Winner’s Circle!


Winner’s Circle Top 25:

1st Place – Ryan Leavitt

2nd Place – Ed Feriance

3rd Place – Pat Skaar

4th Place – Jeff Frank

5th Place – Eric Tschurwald

6 Bob Kern

7 Jason Bott

8 Charlie & Aimee Ouimette

9 Ryan Maloney

10 Eric Zauner

11 Skip Bargielski

12 Joe Kasle

13 Ryan Sorenson

14 Jeremy Kane

15 Jim Dunker

16 Jon Krawczyk

17 Tina Gruenstern

18 Garrett Maloney

19 Christine Sukkert

20 Leah Reilly

21 Adri Wutkowski

22 Jon Rauser

23 Tracey Fricker

24 Leith Frauen

25 Kim Acheson

Grow Group Notable – Chris DuBos

Grow Group Notable – Robyn Haun

Overall Sales Leader, New Business – Commercial: Ed Feriance

Overall Sales Leader, New Business – Personal: Tom & Vicky Raasch

Overall Sales Leader, New Business – Benefits: Tom Jambois


A big congratulations to all of our 2020 Winners!