Back to School Supply Drive – Over 2,100 Supplies Donated

School Supply Drive_2


Thank you to everyone who joined in to make the first collaborative RRA Back to School Supply Drive very successful!! Our goal was to make an impact and help students in our communities start the school year with the supplies they need. With our combined effort we were able to support our local Boys and Girls Clubs across the country and local schools as well with donating over 2,100 school supply items!

Melissa Stabuer, Human Resources Manager, mentioned ‘Our team was amazed with the participation and donations we received from our Agents & Employees in supporting our local B&G Clubs and schools. The cost of paper school supplies including notebooks is up 32% and being able to give back to our communities feels so good!’

The Mequon, Milwaukee and Waukesha offices collected:

106 Folders
85 Composite Notebooks
79 Boxes of Crayons
64 Spiral Notebooks
62 Packages Ruled Notebook paper
57 Packages of Colored Pencils
50 Packages of Pencils
48 Packages of Colored Markers
47 Packages of Erasers
44 Packages of Glue Sticks
27 Packages of Pens
19 Bottles of Glue
16 Rulers
8 Packages of Highlighters
6 Packages of Pencil Sharpeners
4 Scissors
3 Pencil Pouches
3 Packages of Tape
2 Boxes of Paper Clips
2 Packages Dry Erase Markers
1 Ring Binder
1 Stapler
4 Back Packs that were filled with supplies
Along with $255 dollars in cash donations from the Milwaukee Office.

The supplies listed above were donated to St. Martini Lutheran Club. This is a new club for the Boys and Girls Club of Milwaukee and they have an almost nonexistent budget and these school supplies are going to help them get started for this new school year. The staff there was so appreciative of the school supplies, as they will make such a difference for the kids going back to school, knowing they have the supplies they need to have a great school year!

We would also like to share a special thank you to Cheryl Gugliuzza and Anthony Paoletta who donated several school supplies (listed below) to a local school in Niagara Falls, NY – Cataract Elementary School. In addition to shipping $1,000 worth of supplies and to the Milwaukee office.

200 Pink Erasers
150 Dry Erase Markers
100 Boxes Crayola Crayons
100 Containers of Play-doh
90 Glue Sticks
80 Yellow Highlighters
70 Scissors
60 Packs of 80 Page Loose Leaf Paper
60 Two Prong Pocket Folders
60 Pocket Folders
60 Glue Bottles
60 Composition Notebooks
50 Packs of Crayola Color Markers
50 1″ Binders
40 Plastic Pencil Boxes
40 Pencil Pouches
40 Packs of Crayola Washable Markers
40 Packs of Pencils
30 Rulers
20 Packs Clorox Wipes
20 Packs Baby Wipes
1 Box of 576 #2 Pencils

Together we are making a difference and once again collectively we came through to help out those that truly need it most in our schools and cities across the nation.