Change Agent for Elmbrook Humane Society

Cat and a dog with Patti and the words Community Focused

Update: June 20th – Robertson Ryan was named a Change Agent—earning a $3,000 donation from Liberty Mutual and Safeco to Elmbrook Humane Society in Brookfield, which provides shelter for homeless animals, promotes the human-animal bond, and prevents animal cruelty and neglect. Robertson Ryan Vice President Patti Blaschka has been involved with Elmbrook since 2006, and the agency has become a strong supporter as well. 


We need your help to raise $1,000, $2,000 or even $3,000 for a top-rated charity. All you need to do is click a link to vote. Here’s the background…

We’re happy to share Robertson Ryan & Associates has been named a Liberty Mutual and Safeco Insurance Change Agents Finalist for our volunteer work with Elmbrook Humane Society. We are 1 of only 10 agencies around the US who made the final round for the Animal Welfare campaign running this week. What an honor!

Our Milwaukee-based Agent, Patti Blaschka, is widely known for her giving heart and volunteerism. She volunteers with Elmbrook Humane Society and is a founding member of Wagfest, their largest annual fundraiser. Patti was recognized last December as RRA’s 1st Annual Jack Ryan Community Service Award. Her ongoing spirit toward philanthropy continues to shine, and we couldn’t be more proud!

Vote on our RRA photo (only one vote per person per device) to help us secure up to $3,000 for Elmbrook Humane Society.


Votes close Friday June 19th at 2:00 p.m. CST.

Thank you for helping support the cause!

More about Elmbrook Humane Society: 
Elmbrook Humane Society, located in Brookfield, WI, has committed themselves and their resources to save every animal possible. They are a small shelter with a dedicated staff and a strong volunteer base. Their intake and adoption programs have been adapted to be engaging and friendly to animals and potential adopters. They have areas where we can treat animals with contagious diseases so that they have the time to recover without becoming a risk to our shelter animal population, staff, and visitors to our shelter. Their behavior assessment process gives adopters the best possible information when they are in to meet their animals. They work with adopters to help transition animals into new homes and help them overcome any adjustment issues they encounter. And their foster care program has expanded to help animals with behavior modification or medical needs to be worked with until they can be given the best possible chance for a successful adoption. Elmbrook is a highly respected humane society who makes a big difference in our community and lives.