Giving Back After a Flood

Pictured: Jennifer Robinson, project coordinator (Photographer)
Right, front to back: Savannah Killian, Ian McNerney, Brittany Swinton, Ella Swinton, Kelly Killian, Mary Reilly, Sarah Kealy, Melissa Berndt and Jane Berndt 

A group of Robertson Ryan team members came together on a weekend to volunteer for a community event and help the city of Burlington, WI after major flooding this summer. These community minded RRA employees participated in Thrivent’s Generosity Day.

While it is impossible to ever truly quantify the incredible impact from an event of this magnitude, here are a few of the data points worth mentioning collected by Thrivent:

• Over 200 projects were completed, including 77 fundraisers, 98 services activities and 25 educational  projects
• Around 2,400 volunteers participated, clocking in a total of over 9,500 hours of volunteer service
• Total economic impact from the day was around $123,650

The clean up our RRA crew participated in was not directly flood related. Weeding and trash clean up were performed at the police station, which had 6 feet of water and lost all their communication equipment. The community has been so focused on flood damage repair that general maintenance and clean up was put to the side. Our Robertson Ryan offices were generous in donating cleaning supplies, clothing, bedding etc. for Love, Inc. of Burlington.

At RRA we recognize the importance of insurance to recover from a disaster, but sometimes the support of a helping hand or group of helping hands can make as big of an impact! What an amazing experience to partake in, kudos to everyone involved.