Melissa Stauber wins 5th Annual Jack Ryan Community Service Award

Melissa Stauber Jack Ryan Award

We are so proud of the many Robertson Ryan team members who make it a priority to volunteer and donate to local non-profits. Since 2019, with the introduction of the Jack Ryan Community Service Award, we have been honoring team members for their outstanding contributions to the community. Our annual aim is to acknowledge individuals who go the extra mile, making meaningful impacts in the areas where we all work and live.

The Jack Ryan Community Service Award was established in honor of Jack Ryan, one of our esteemed founders, whose inclusive community spirit continues to inspire us today. Awardees are chosen and voted upon based on their tireless dedication to non-profit community initiatives.

The 2023 Jack Ryan Community Service Award recognizes Melissa Stauber, HR Manager, for her excellence in the community. Our Robertson Ryan Charitable Foundation donated $3,500 to her Charity of Choice; Melissa is choosing to split her donation between Serving Older Adults and OneHope27. Melissa Stauber┬ámentioned it feels so good to give back and help an organization such as OneHope27 as they needed several supplies for the upcoming school year. Going out in our community to purchase the supplies people were asking us why we had several shopping carts full of backpacks and supplies, and after telling them our why, they thanked us for our generosity of giving back. Patti Blaschka, Vice President & Shareholder also mentioned, “Over the past three years, Melissa has served on the board of directors of a local not-for profit, Serving Older Adults, where she has advocated for the needs of this vulnerable population. Her compassionate approach has resulted in an improved quality of life for those enrolled in this program.” Melissa embodies the spirit of selflessness and community service. Her dedication, passion and leadership have positively impacted the lives of numerous individuals, and her contributions deserve to be recognized and celebrated.

Sarah Kealy, Retired Marketing Manager, also received a $1,000 donation in honor of her Charity of Choice, The Project Grace Foundation. In retirement, Sarah helps and supports her dear friend, Martha with her pop-up holiday shows taking place all around SE Wisconsin. The Project Grace Foundation supports other non-profit organizations such as schools, businesses, research studies, sports and the arts whose mission it is to empower individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We thank Sarah for her 7 years contributing to and elevating our Annual Community Service Day, along with her extensive charitable efforts both within and beyond Robertson Ryan.

The Jack Ryan Community Service Award is organized and celebrated under the Robertson Ryan Charitable Foundation. Allan Degner, Board Member and Patti Blaschka our Board President helped recognize Melissa and Sarah. “Degner expressed admiration, noting that Melissa and Sarah possess two of the most generous hearts, making them the perfect individuals to celebrate in 2023. Kudos!”

Melissa Stauber
Allan Degner, Melissa Stauber, Patti Blaschka

Sarah Kealy
Allan Degner, Sarah Kealy, Patti Blaschka

Robertson Ryan would like to thank everyone on their team for their ongoing support and work within the communities we serve. Thank you.