Val Prudlow Wins Robertson Ryan’s Employee of the Year

Employee of the Year, Val

In January 2023, Robertson Ryan launched an employee recognition program based upon the concept of promoting team spirit. Robertson Ryan recognizes and values the strength in our teams and we continue to encourage and support efforts in building a fun and strong team environment. We appreciate the efforts of our employees to provide high levels of customer service and fulfill our values: Be proactive, Be Knowledgeable, Be Thoughtful, Be Focused, Be an Achiever, Be Understanding, Be Helpful, Be Dedicated.

Voted upon by her colleagues, Robertson Ryan’s Employee of the year winner, Val Prudlow, has the unique pleasure of getting to meet and train just about every new person we have on our expanding team of rock stars! The same qualities and accolades are repeated over and over when it comes to her biggest supporters…Val is kind, positive and makes anyone she is working with feel valued and better as a result of her guidance. In addition to being recognized for her talents, Val received a $500 gift card for herself and another $500 for donating to her charity of choice.

In their own words, a few colleagues share praise for our Employee of the Year, Val Prudlow:

Brittany Swinton, “Working with Val is an absolute pleasure. Val is not only an exceptionally dedicated team member, but also a wonderful friend to all and an exceptionally kind human being. Val’s kindness, positivity, and drive to help everyone succeed consistently make for a warm welcome to all new team members.”

Julie Kaczmarek, “Val is integral to the growth of Robertson Ryan. Her perceptions and curiosity are genuinely appreciated and provides valuable feedback. Val came into the Training role as shy and apprehensive, but has taken Training to a whole new level. Thank you, Val!”

Eugenia Durand, “For anyone new to Robertson Ryan, this is the gal who will show you the ropes in Epic as she is so thoroughly detailed, you’ll soon realize that learning a new job is not so bad when Valerie is training you…learning is so much fun with Val, we don’t even realize time is slipping away! Kudos to Val and all she does for Robertson Ryan, she’s a joy to work with and…she lifts my spirits up each time we work together!”

Staci Hinton, “I have been blessed to work with Val for almost the entire time that I have been at Robertson Ryan. Since day one, she has always gone above and beyond for everyone around her. Always willing to lend a helping hand, jump in wherever needed and she always does it with a smile on her face. Even when she gets overwhelmed with her own work, she will steal some of other’s work just to make their load a little lighter. Her kindness shows, even on the toughest days. I could not do this job without her! She is a bright shining light!”


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