Amber James

Amber James

Senior Account Manager | Commercial Lines

Amber James embarked on her professional journey with spontaneity, moving to Chattanooga, TN, and landing a receptionist position through a temp agency. Swiftly ascending the corporate ladder, she discovered her knack for client management and self-value under the mentorship of Tanner Massingill, her team coordinator at CIA.

With Tanner’s guidance, Amber embraced a philosophy of service excellence, always striving to exceed expectations and provide top-tier assistance to clients regardless of their stature. She thrives on building relationships with insureds, particularly in the trucking industry, where she relishes the opportunity to support their business growth personally.

Amber’s commitment to professionalism shines through in her interactions with clients, where she emphasizes empathy and prompt response, even amidst hectic days. Her passion extends to exploring the intricacies of contingent coverages for Freight Brokers, an area of perpetual learning and fascination.

Driven by her love for client relations and a thirst for knowledge, Amber James continues to excel in her role as a Client Manager, embodying the values of service, empathy, and continuous growth.

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