Julie Denney

Julie Denney

Senior Account Manager | Personal Lines

Julie embarked on her journey as an insurance agent in 1999 after gaining valuable experience in various roles within the industry. She worked as an administrative assistant for an appraisal company, a bookkeeper at a bank, and a contract bidder for a construction company. These diverse positions provided her with a solid foundation in insurance, making her transition to American Family Insurance a natural fit when the opportunity arose.

Her first boss in the insurance industry, John Helsel at American Family Insurance, played a pivotal role in her career. Although Julie initially disliked the field, John’s mentorship transformed her perspective. He took her under his wing and imparted his extensive knowledge, helping her become a proficient and dedicated agent. Tragically, John passed away from a staff infection in 2000, but his influence continues to inspire Julie in her professional life.

Julie thrives on building strong, trust-based relationships with her customers. She is committed to being accessible, answering their questions, and finding the right coverage at the best price. Her empathetic nature ensures that she provides exceptional customer service, going above and beyond to assist and unburden her clients.

One of Julie’s key strengths is her ability to explain insurance coverage and products in simple, understandable terms. This skill empowers her clients to make informed decisions, fully grasping the benefits and workings of their insurance policies. Through her dedication and expertise, Julie has established herself as a trusted and respected agent in the industry.

Julie holds a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice from Colorado Tech and is a Certified Insurance Service Representative (CISR), further demonstrating her commitment to professional excellence and continuous learning in the field.

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