Amanda Mattison

Amanda Mattison

Account Manager | Commercial Lines

Amanda’s unexpected journey into the insurance industry began in 2001 when she took on a part-time role as a certificates specialist while pursuing her dream of becoming a teacher. Little did she know, this temporary position would become the cornerstone of her career. Despite her initial plans, Amanda found herself captivated by the dynamic world of insurance and never looked back.

Throughout her career, Amanda’s father-in-law served as a guiding light and a source of inspiration. As the Chief of Investigations at Farmers Insurance, he regaled her with fascinating tales and imparted invaluable wisdom. His encouragement to embrace the unpredictable nature of the industry and continuously invest in personal growth has left a lasting impact on Amanda’s professional journey.

For Amanda, the best part of being an insurance professional lies in the never-ending opportunity for growth and learning. She thrives on the constant challenge of staying updated with industry developments and expanding her knowledge base.

Beyond her career aspirations, Amanda’s bucket list reflects her deep-rooted commitment to family. One of her most cherished goals is to share the beauty of each Hawaiian island with her children before they reach adulthood, creating lasting memories and fostering a sense of adventure and exploration.

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