Boat in harbor

Recreational Vehicles / Watercraft

It’s all fund until something gets hit

A minor RV claim can send regular auto premiums skyrocketing. Boats are often damaged even before they hit the water. And ATV trails can be aswarm with uninsured motorists.

Special adventures require special equipment—and special vehicle insurance. Your Robertson Ryan agent helps you answer the call of the open road, or the lure of open water, with confidence:

  • Find the carrier and insurance policy that makes the most sense for you
  • Protect you, your passengers and your customized equipment
  • Meet state insurance requirements

And, if something gets hit or someone gets hurt, we help you through the claims process. Because our fun is helping you enjoy peace of mind.

Protect your toys: Coverage for other vehicles

Motorcycle Insurance

Covers damage to your bike and protects you against liability claims arising from operation of your motorcycle. Can also include uninsured/underinsured motorist, medical coverage for you and your passenger, roadside assistance, custom parts and equipment and special policy options for custom and collector bikes. Most states mandate some type of coverage, and some have specific requirements for passenger liability insurance.

Boat Insurance

Protects your boat and boating equipment, as well as your liability for its operations. Covers physical damage caused by theft, fire, weather, damage in transit, sinking and other occurrences, as well as medical costs from an accident involving the boat. Optional coverages include emergency services for the boat or trailer, and personal possessions coverage.

RV Insurance

Specialized protection for this significant investment, which typically is not adequately covered through an auto policy. Can include coverage for personal possessions not covered under homeowners insurance; antennas, awnings and other attached accessories not covered under auto insurance; towing; and emergency lodging and transportation.

ATV Insurance

Protects you against financial loss in case of damage to your all-terrain vehicle, claims or lawsuits for bodily injury or property damage; and uninsured/underinsured ATVers. Can also cover custom equipment you’ve added to your vehicle and medical payments for you and your passengers.