image showing hacker on a computer


In Case of Crime, Who Pays?

Forgery, theft, extortion, computer fraud—crime can seriously cost your business.

Protect against loss of money and property as well as crime-related damage to your premises. Talk with your Robertson Ryan agent about commercial crime insurance.

Employee Dishonesty

Covers crimes committed by an employee acting alone or with others to cause a loss for your business and obtain financial benefit. Can apply to all employees or to those you specify.

Forgery or Alteration

Insures against loss caused when a document such as a check or promissory note is generated with a forged signature or altered without authorization.

Theft, Disappearance and Destruction

Covers loss arising from criminals stealing, destroying or otherwise causing money or securities to disappear.

Computer Fraud

Insures against theft involving use of a computer. Applies to money, securities and other property.

Premises Burglary

Covers loss of property other than money and securities inside the premises, as well as damage to the premises.

Premises Theft & Robbery Outside

Covers loss of property other than money and securities caused by actual or attempted theft, as well as loss outside the premises when the property is in a messenger’s custody.


Covers the surrender of money, securities and other property under threat of bodily harm, damage to property or abuse of confidential information.