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Workers Compensation

Prevent Lawsuits. Avoid Hassles. Protect Employees.

Modern workers compensation coverage may be complex, but its no-fault approach to fair compensation for job-related injury helps keep employers and employees out of court.

Workers compensation coverage is mandatory in all states except New Jersey and Texas, though benefits vary from state to state. In most cases:

  • Employees with job-related injuries or illness receive replacement income and medical expense reimbursement, regardless of fault.
  • Employees who receive workers comp benefits cannot sue the employer.
  • Compensation is not required if the injury occurs because employees are intoxicated, intend to injure themselves, or are injured by a third party for personal reasons concerning the employee.

Your Robertson Ryan agent helps you choose from top-rated insurers to cover your risks and meet regulatory requirements. You also gain a powerful ally in enhancing safety, managing claims and controlling insurance costs.

Planning today can simplify workers compensation issues tomorrow. Let your Robertson Ryan agent help you be prepared.

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