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Valuable Items and Collections

Solid Gold Coverage For your Treasures

The plumber can’t find your diamond ring in the pipes. Your signed first edition of “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” disappeared. And the last person to stargaze from your balcony dropped your binoculars. From your balcony.

Standard homeowners insurance covers standard personal property losses. But when your most prized possessions are at risk, you need valuable items and collections coverage. Your Robertson Ryan agent works with you to tailor coverage to your treasures:

  • Properly list each item and its value
  • Choose the appropriate coverage limits
  • Meet requirements such as on-premise alarm systems
  • Understand up front how losses will be settled

Not sure if an item needs special insurance? Just ask. We promise you fast answers and prompt service—and you can take that to the bank.

Protect your stuff: Valuable items and collections coverage

Higher Limits

Coverage goes beyond the usual dollar limits of standard homeowners insurance to protect items of higher monetary value.

Broader Protection

Generally covers all direct physical losses to property—even those not covered in a regular homeowners policy—unless a type of loss is specifically excluded.

Floating Coverage

Protection generally moves with the property as it changes locations. Most policies cover the property anywhere in the world; fine arts, however, are usually covered only in the United States.

Custom Policies

Coverage is generally detailed for each item. Collections can sometimes be covered on a blanket basis, and smaller miscellaneous items may be insured for a total value without scheduling each item.

Categories of Coverage

Valuable items coverage typically is available for items in the following categories.  Not sure where your treasures fit? Talk with your Robertson Ryan agent.

  • Jewelry
  • Furs
  • Cameras, projection machines, binoculars, telescopes
  • Musical instruments and sound and amplifying equipment
  • Silverware
  • Golf equipment and clothing
  • Fine arts
  • Postage stamps and rare coins