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So Much could go wrong. Let’s get it right.

Fire. Windstorms. Vandals.

In a world of perils, business property insurance protects you against financial loss from damage to tangible assets, like your building and office equipment. It also covers intangibles, like income lost due to business interruption.

Your Robertson Ryan agent helps you cut through the jargon to get to the point:

  • Identify where your business is at risk
  • Choose the coverage type and specifics that make sense
  • Determine the most cost-effective program design and insurance provider
  • Clarify exactly how you’re covered

And if something does go wrong, we serve as your advocate to help make things right.

Here’s a quick look at commercial property insurance available through Robertson Ryan. Don’t see your property type? Ask us!

Business Owners Package (BOP)

Streamlined coverage that conveniently combines business property insurance with liability protection—helping you save money and eliminate coverage gaps.

Moveable Property

Covers all kinds of moving or moveable property, such as goods your business transports domestically or internationally. Also covers customer’s property and property of others. Also known as “inland marine insurance.”

Business Income and Extra Expense Insurance

Pays the business income lost when your business must suspend operations after a covered loss, plus normal operating expenses that continue even when business is suspended and “extra” expense incurred to get you back into business quickly, such as overtime or rental of alternate production space.

Equipment Breakdown Coverage

Covers direct damage and loss of business income caused by steam boiler explosions and machinery or systems breakdowns—which are generally excluded from commercial property insurance.

Garage Coverage

For businesses that sell, service, store or park autos. Combines auto liability, commercial general liability, and vehicle damage coverage in a single policy.

Flood Coverage

Flood insurance covers direct physical loss caused by flood. In simple terms, a flood is an excess of water on land that normally is dry. Flood Quote


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