Man in a suit and sunglasses holding an umbrella

Personal Umbrella and Excess Liability

What do you do when it pours?

Being in a car accident is bad enough…but now the injured parties are suing for medical costs beyond what your auto insurance policy covers.

Think of the liability coverage included in your homeowners insurance, auto insurance or special vehicle insurance as a raincoat….and excess liability coverage as an umbrella, rising above those primary policies to offer extra protection.

Protect your pocketbook: Personal umbrella and excess liability coverage

Another Layer

Most homeowners insurance and auto insurance policies include liability coverage that protects you against the costs arising when you’re legally responsible for bodily injury or property damage.

But what happens when a claim exhausts the primary policy’s limits? Or it doesn’t provide coverage? That’s when personal umbrella and excess liability coverage kicks in. The extra layer of protection safeguards you from serious financial loss.

Umbrella policies vary widely in coverage terms and limits. Talk with your Robertson Ryan agent to determine the coverage that makes sense for your situation.