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Global Risks

Small World? You need expanded Coverage

As borders shrink, your need for global risk insurance grows. Robertson Ryan agents can help U.S.-based companies that export products or send employees on business worldwide find the right coverage and carrier.


Extends workers compensation protection to cover the costs of transporting sick or injured employees who are outside the country to a place where they can receive proper care, and transporting family members to be with them.

Kidnap & Extortion

Security Risk Management Form

Covers situations where an employee is kidnapped, protects insured employees’ family members and guests, and insures against actual or threatened extortion. Generally backed by prearranged response and prevention resources.

Foreign Product Liability

Protects your business from third-party claims pursued in courts outside the U.S. and Canada, generally related to products or business operations. Foreign general liability and automobile liability coverage may also be appropriate.

Travel Accident

Covers employees traveling out of the country on business. Typically includes access to medical help, legal assistance, information services or assistance with other travel-related problems.