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Data Analytics

Crushed by claims costs? Crunch the numbers.

So much data, so much opportunity. So let’s get started!

Uncover the potential to reduce claims, improve long-term planning and save money on health care with Robertson Ryan’s Data Analytics Service. Our analysts use powerful tools to:

  • Benchmark your health or Rx claims to detect cost and use disparities
  • Compare medical data among divisions or locations, or across past years
  • Drill down to the source of claims issues, revealing who, what, where and why
  • Model alternative plan designs to see corresponding budget changes

Take a look at the tools we use. Then let Robertson Ryan help you discover strength in numbers.

  • Management Report benchmarks your health or Rx claims data in more than 70 categories, including total health plan costs, inpatient and outpatient claims, emergency room and office visit costs, and major diagnostic categories. See comparisons by geographic region, industry and company size.
  • Multi-project Reporting compares up to four data sets to track trends from year to year or across divisions or locations—a great tool for strategic planning.
  • Drill-Down breaks data into segments to analyze claim sources, identify problem areas and pave the way for solutions such as awareness campaigns, disease management programs, plan changes and wellness initiatives.
  • Alternative Modeling shows how changing deductibles or copays, adding HSAs, raising out-of-pocket maximums and other plan design changes would affect you and your employees.
  • Disease Profiler shows the average cost of claims by disease category. This can help you budget for future health and Rx claims, implement disease management programs and even negotiate more accurate rates with stop-loss carriers.