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Safety/Loss Control

take a fresh look at safety and savings

Is there a slip-and-fall hazard lurking in your plant?
Who’s driving your company cars—and what if they get in an accident?
Can a safety team really help you reduce costs?

Safety and loss control programs are essential building blocks in sound risk management. Unlike many other agencies, Robertson Ryan has an in-house loss prevention manager who works with you and your agent, finding ways to make your facility safer, your employees more risk-conscious…and your long-term costs lower.

Safety/loss control services

In-house Expertise

Work directly with Robertson Ryan’s onsite loss prevention manager and our experienced team to increase safety and savings.

Facility Inspections and Safety Audits

Choose a mock OSHA inspection or a straightforward audit to check your facility for unsafe acts and behaviors. Inspections and audits focus on but are not limited to forklift safety, lockout/tagout, hazard communication, employee orientation, PPE, emergency preparedness, slip-and-fall hazards and electrical hazards.

Risk Reduction Plan

Brainstorm ways to improve safety with our loss control experts. Then make it happen with a plan that sets realistic target completion dates and specifies responsibilities for you, your carrier’s loss control consultant, and Robertson Ryan’s loss prevention manager.

Safety Team Development

Create an effective safety team with the right number of employees, appropriate management representation and a realistic agenda. We help you train members and gain buy-in through an initial presentation and attendance at the first meetings.

Carrier and Compliance Review

We help you clarify, in writing, how you have complied with, are in the process of addressing, or can’t currently comply with carrier recommendations.

Fleet Safety

Review your program from the ground up, establishing driver criteria, accident reporting processes, and disciplinary and follow-up procedures.

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