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Work Comp Premium & Mod Analysis

change behavior. change results. change your bottom line. 

Does your workers compensation experience mod reflect actual experience?

Manage workers compensation costs two ways: with programs to track loss and then address the causes, and with expert monitoring to ensure your premium costs reflect your success in controlling risk. Robertson Ryan delivers the number-crunching and the insight you need to succeed on both counts. Ask us about our workers compensation analysis services, and see what a difference it can make to your bottom line.

Workers Compensation Loss Analysis and Benchmarking

Review your losses to identify major causes. Receive clear reports that help you identify trends. Then meet with our experts to develop plans to reverse those trends.

Workers Compensation Premium and Mod Analysis

The greater your workers compensation losses, the higher your premium. Robertson Ryan helps you keep an eye on the numbers with these services:

  • Calculate your workers comp experience modification to project future premiums—and to drive current efforts to control risk.
  • Ensure claims are entered correctly and payrolls are accurate, to ensure the experience mod is accurately calculated.
  • Monitor claims before the unit stat date to ensure the correct experience mod is issued.