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From Top to bottom, cover you assets

Shareholders sue a bank’s directors over executive pay packages. Warehouse workers sue their employer for age discrimination. Building owners sue an architect over faults in the foundation. Parents claim your product’s defect caused their child severe, permanent disability.

You wouldn’t leave for work without your pants, or head to the community pool and skinny dip. And you shouldn’t go into business without liability insurance. This coverage protects you from financial loss in case of litigation related to business operations.

Work with your Robertson Ryan agent to protect

  • Your corporate assets
  • Personal assets of your employees
  • Personal assets of your directors, officers and other executives
  • Your business’s reputation

The range of insurance solutions is wide. The legalese is dense. Let your agent help you find your coverage gaps—and make sure they’re properly closed.

Here’s a broad overview of the many liability insurance options available to protect your business.

General Liability

Pays bodily injury or property damages for which you’re legally responsible. This can include damages caused by your business operations; products you make, sell or handle; advertising that libels or slanders another organization; and inadequate property maintenance. Includes coverage for related medical and legal expenses.

Management & Executive Liability

Safeguards your business, individual executives and employees in case of lawsuit.

  • Directors and Officers – Covers liability arising from actions and decisions of a corporation’s directors and officers. Protects business assets as well as each individual’s assets.
  • Employment Practices – Covers litigation and regulatory action related to claims such as wrongful termination, sexual harassment and discrimination that a general liability policy does not cover. Protects your business and your employees.
  • Fiduciary – Essential when you sponsor any retirement or employee savings program. Protects your business and fiduciaries against legal action, and also provides coverage for negligence in administering employee benefit plans.

Professional Errors, Omissions and Malpractice

Covers service professionals such as physicians, attorneys, architects and IT consultants in case of litigation alleging negligence or faulty service.

Environmental Impairment

Protects against financial loss from liability for expenses related to pollution, such as bodily injury, property damage, remediation costs and legal defense expenses.

Umbrella & Excess Layers

Kicks in when primary liability policies are exhausted or do not provide coverage. Umbrella policies vary widely in coverage terms and limits.


Protects against liabilities incurred when you maintain a database or network, communicate online or participate in e-commerce—generally not covered by traditional liability policies. Can also cover legal expenses and the costs of notifying customers of a data breach.

  • Network and Data Security– Covers your liability to others arising from unauthorized access to your network or to data you collect, store or transmit. Includes resulting contamination of their data, network or website.
  • Protection of Privacy – Protects against unauthorized access to or use of customer lists, financial information, health records and other data.
  • Denial of Access – Covers third-party claims of damage if your website or network is shut down by a cyber attack.
  • Media/Content – Covers claims of libel, slander, copyright infringement and even personal injury arising from content you disseminate online or through software.