Benefit Resource Library

Benefits Resource Library

Stay on top of benefits trends with articles and presentations on topics ranging from health care reform to HSAs to wellness programs. Here’s a look at the many resources Robertson Ryan offers. Just ask for the materials that interest you.

Health Care Reform

Stay current with timely newsletters, articles and briefs to help you and your employees understand the most recent legislation.

Notices and Disclosures

Never go searching for a model notice again. We’ve assembled dozens of government-issued model notices and disclosures all in one place.

  • Model Creditable Coverage Disclosure Notice
  • Model Notice of Annual Limit Waiver
  • Model Notice for Grandfathered Plans

Benchmark Surveys & Statistics

Stay on top of the latest benefits trends and see how your benefits program compares to others around the country.

  • Benchmark your benefits program against key trends in health care
  • Check other popular national surveys on topics including benefit costs, benefits management, health care costs, health plans, prescription drugs and retirement plans.


Improve benefit plan compliance with legislative updates and expert legal insights.

Federal Legislation & Compliance

Keep current with access to valuable information on ADA, COBRA, CHIPRA, FMLA, HIPAA (including privacy), HSA, Medicare Part D, Mental Health Parity, Section 125, and other federal regulations and employment laws.

  • Select Reporting and Disclosure Requirements for Group Health Plans
  • New Participant Disclosure Requirements for Retirement Plans
  • Top 10 COBRA Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
  • Mental Health Parity – Compliance Overview FAQs
  • Changes to HIPAA Rules: HITECH Act
  • HSA Questions and Answers
  • Compliance Checklist
  • Section 125

State-Specific Legislation & Compliance

Keep track of regional legislative changes with our valuable state-specific information on COBRA, FMLA, disability insurance laws, state mandates, cell phone use while driving, domestic partner laws and rest/meal periods.

  • Same-Sex Marriage/Domestic Partner Laws by State
  • Cell Phone Use/Texting While Driving – Laws by State
  • State Disability Insurance Laws
  • Health Insurance Mandates in the States
  • Minimum Length of Meal Period – Laws by State

Human Resources

Support your HR staff with tools to stay current on HR trends, employment practices and social media strategies.

Employee Handbook

Defend against wrongful termination, discrimination and harassment claims. A properly drafted and legally reviewed employee handbook is the cornerstone of good employment practices. Whatever the size of your organization, our sample handbook and policies can help you create or improve your own.

HR Insights

Topic-specific HR Insights articles discuss new and popular HR strategies from around the country.

  • Interviews: What’s Illegal to Ask? addresses questions that violate equal employment opportunity and anti-discrimination laws and offers questions to ask instead.
  • Creating and Maintaining Employee Personnel Files includes a checklist to help identify what additional information you may need for proper employee personnel files.

Workplace Wellness

Promote a healthy lifestyle to not only improve employees’ quality of life, but also protect your workers and your business from unnecessary expenses. We have hundreds of health and wellness documents on a range of topics:

  • Workplace Wellness Program How-To Articles
  • Low-Cost Wellness Ideas
  • Financial Conservation
  • Fitness
  • General Health
  • Nutrition/Obesity
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Wellness Fairs

Employee Health & Wellness

We have more than 600 employee communications designed to promote health and wellness, in the workplace and in daily life.

  • The Live Well, Work Well Flyer Fitness First: Exercise Programs stresses the importance and benefits of regular physical activity and describes how to get started on a fitness program.
  • Prevention Newsletter: Everyday Health and Wellness discusses the simple, daily things employees can do to enjoy healthier lives.
  • The National Health Observances Calendar lists national health and wellness observances for the year, plus employee communications we can provide for each observance.

Employee Consumerism Education

Teach employees to be wise health care consumers with dozens of educational articles and presentations.

  • The Wise & Well – 10 Reasons to Love a Health Savings Account discusses the biggest advantages of HSAs.
  • The Wise Use of the Emergency Room – Presentation and Handout shows employees how to save money by knowing when to go to the emergency room, urgent care or their physician’s office.
  • The Save Money – Go Generic Payroll Stuffer informs your employees how they can save significant dollars by simply requesting generic medication.

Benefit Communication

Get the most out of your benefits program by staying informed and keeping your employees educated. We provide customized benefits communications for both you and your employees on a variety of topics including benefit education, consumer-driven health plans and saving for retirement.

Employer Newsletters

Our employer newsletters provide an overview of recent events and benefits trends to keep you in the loop.

  • Benefits Buzz is a monthly one-page quick read that touches on recent events, legislative updates and benefits issues.
  • Benefits Bulletin is a quarterly newsletter discussing hot benefit topics in depth.

Employee Newsletters

Save your HR department’s valuable time and resources while increasing productivity. The Live Well, Work Well Newsletter is a customizable monthly newsletter that offers wellness, fitness, nutrition and financial tips, and includes a healthy recipe in every issue.

Robertson Ryan Video Library

Choose from the following videos to help business owners and HR managers better understand complex business and legal topics.

  • The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
  • HIPAA Certificates of Creditable Coverage
  • COBRA Notice Requirements
  • Health Care Reform: W-2 Reporting Requirements
  • Health Care Reform: Summary of Benefits and Coverage
  • Health Savings Accounts (HSA) Eligibility
  • FSA, HRA and HSA Eligible Expenses
  • FSAs and the Uniform Coverage Rule
  • Wellness Programs
  • Compliance Overview

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