Amy Perlichek

Amy Perlichek

Senior Account Manager | Commercial Lines

Amy’s journey into the insurance industry began unexpectedly during her college years when she landed a part-time position at AIG. It was here that she encountered a supportive mentor who illuminated the vast potential of a career in insurance. Under his guidance, Amy discovered her passion for the industry and embarked on a path that would shape her professional trajectory.

The greatest influence on Amy’s career came from an Underwriting Manager she worked alongside for many years. His wisdom and mentorship taught her invaluable lessons, emphasizing the importance of slowing down, establishing close relationships with insured individuals, and empathizing with their needs. He also imparted the significance of cultivating strong ties with the agency force, instilling in Amy a deep understanding of collaboration and partnership.

Amy’s approach to insurance goes beyond meeting expectations; it revolves around investing time in building meaningful connections with customers, anticipating their needs, and delivering customized solutions. With 26 years of experience as an Underwriter on the carrier side before transitioning to the agency side in 2013, Amy brings a wealth of knowledge and a unique perspective to her work. Her commitment to personalized service and fostering genuine relationships continues to drive her success in the industry.

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