Carrie Strahm

Carrie Strahm

Senior Account Manager | Personal Lines

Carrie’s journey into the insurance industry began in 2012 when she was presented with an opportunity to join a locally owned insurance agency as an insurance agent. Embracing this chance, she dedicated herself to the role, ultimately spending 12 fulfilling years at the agency.

Throughout her career, Carrie’s biggest influence has been her father. His unwavering support and encouragement served as a guiding light during challenging times. Carrie attributes much of her success to the work ethic and principles instilled in her by her father, which have been constant companions throughout her professional journey.

For Carrie, the most rewarding aspect of being an insurance professional lies in the ability to help people in their times of need. Witnessing the relief on clients’ faces when they receive exceptional service brings her immense satisfaction. She takes pride in ensuring that each customer feels heard, understood, and provided with personalized assistance.

Outside of her career, Carrie is deeply involved in various community groups and charities, reflecting her commitment to giving back. From mentoring women at her church to supporting local sports booster clubs and special needs organizations, Carrie’s dedication to making a difference extends far beyond the office.

In addition to her professional and philanthropic endeavors, Carrie holds a unique personal distinction—she’s the proud caretaker of a sourdough starter that has resided in her fridge for over 27 years. Her mastery of sourdough recipes, from French bread to pancakes, speaks to her creative flair and culinary talents.

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