Lucas Thompson

Lucas Thompson


Lucas Thompson was born a farm kid in Southern Michigan. After completing 4 years and 2 tours overseas as a United States Marine, he fell into sales providing loans for Homeowners. After nearly 20 years growing brands like Countrywide Home Loans, Bai Brands and Ginger People, he completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management and a certificate in Digital Marketing from Northern Illinois University.

Following his “mid-life education crisis”, he started his own consulting business helping construction companies build their sales and marketing efforts throughout the Illinois and Michigan Markets. Seeing difficulties that small business owners endured, he transitioned into Insurance. As an Insurance Agent, he continues to use his “cape of justice” for small to mid-sized companies, providing both expertise in Insurance services and extensive business acumen.  Lucas is Property and Casualty Licensed and in process of certifying for other lines.

He is an amateur actor of (20 years!), a “cross-fitter” and loves exploring new places with his family, consisting of 4 kids and an ever-so-patient wife.

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